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Mordheim LARP

What: Mordheim, a LARP inspired by the skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Warhammer
When: a sunday in late september
Where: the woods above Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland
Who: the two organizers (one from Le Four Fantastique, one from its usual player pool) are Mordheim players who thought it'd be damn cool to take their wargame to life-size. More used to organizing rules-light, atmosphere-heavy, intricate plot games, their goal this time was to run a LARP where PCs could earn and spend XP and gold during the day, so that they would gain skills and gear within a matter of hours.

There was more than just fighting, as each PC had a personal objective, a team objective and there was an overarching plot linked to the various character backgrounds. But it was probably the crunchiest system and most competitive game I've ever played, with several IC/OOC stops in between missions for briefings, upgrades, eating etc. It was also my first fantasy LARP where I actually fought with latex weapons. When PCs got killed, the player had to play a game of Operation to determine sequelae based on how many items he managed to retrieve from the patient. One could lose stats, limbs, etc.

Plot: news of strange killings in the forest of Reinsfeld reach the city of Mordheim. Even the local hero disappears. The Count of Reikland offers a reward, strange stones fallen from the sky are reported... that's enough for various gangs of Mordheim to go and investigate.


Wood elves

Altdorf veterans (with their pregnant halfling cook)

Demon hunters

The Slow Death

Dark elves

Other dark elves

The Northern Claw: Kislev reprezent!

The shop where people could buy upgrades

The local hero happened to be possessed

Getting the baddie ready OOC



Inner debate among the Kislevites

The baddie, ready to raise some deads for the final battle

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