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Ley Marcial

What: Ley Marcial, a larp that took place in the Spanish Civil War
When: September 2009
Where: Oulu, Finland
Who: Viivi Junno (me) and Fey J. for our LARP group 'Läskit larppaajat.' Members of an Oulu larp association OIEI ry also participated.

Fall of 1938. The battle of River Ebro has been raging for almost three months. The republicans have been nearly defeated and Franco’s nationalists, supported by Hitler, have taken the upper hand; the left wing knows it’s going to fall very soon.

Far from the horrors of the front line, on the outskirts of the city of Córdoba, lies an abandoned villa – a small Republican hospital that cares for men who have little hope for ever fighting again. Four nurses take care of their patients in peace and quiet. But what happens when a group of soldiers from the wrong side roam into the almost forgotten-about hospital?

People of the hospital. Between the nurses Eufemia Olmos, shot in the side. On her right side Blas Valdez, wounded in the face. On her left side Arturo Ruiz, lost his sanity in a bloodbath. The bandaged guy is Fortunato Delgado, blinded. On Fortunato's right side Agapito Ortega, shot in his leg and finally, in front of everyone, Fulgencio Pena, shot on the shoulder.

The nurses. Herminia Zavala, Adelita Vega, Blanca Puga and Felipa Romero.

The Nationalists. The leaders Glauco Castillo and Celio Rios (standing)
and soldiers Modesto Flores (shot in the side), Manolo Rivera, Che Rana and Gervasio "Chico" Mendoza.

Blas Valdez. We had a wonderful special effects make up artist, Veera Keskinen, who did all our wounds and injuries.

Chico and Manolo.

Pre-game fooling around :--D

I played one of the nurses, Adelita. Our game started with ordinary household chores and taking care of our guys, until the blue posse aka. the nationalists came with wounded Modesto and demanded care for him. They pondered whether or not to kill us after we had taken care of Modesto, the leaders being sadistic bastards. Us nurses got to know the nicer ones, Che and Manolo, who gave us chocolate and were awesome. They knew they had to keep going and that they'd have to leave Modesto with us, but the leaders didn't agree with them. One thing led to another and when Che and Manolo were talking about leaving Modesto to the hospital and disguising him as one of us republicans, the leaders thought they were going to betray Franco's troops. They just happened to hear all the wrong things in secret conversations :--D The atmosphere in the game was really intensive and everyone was really tense all the time, and the game ended with the leaders trying to kill the traitors and ending up getting killed - by one of the nurses. The best game in a while, if I may say so myself <3

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