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Puerto Diablo 7

Where: Stichting Scoutcentrum Rotterdam, the Netherlands
When: June 4 - 6th, 2010 (Due to extreme stress at work, I only get around to this posting now)
What: Historical Live-roleplay with a twist.
Who: Arcana
Story: The year is 1666, and New Amsterdam is a teeming city ruled by Director-General Peter Stuyvesant. The English, who have spoken to Stuyvesant at the previous event, are rumoured to soon lay siege to the city. Two large warships are sailing up the Hudson...

All images are © Martine Sprangers and © Reinoud van Leeuwen.

The event starts peaceful, and the streets of New Amsterdam are quiet (image from late Fridaynight).

The new arrivals are slowly starting to find their place in New Amsterdam society, but rumours fly about the English wanting to take over the city.

Of course the Red Man keeps an eye on the town to make sure we do not set foot on Coney Island, their holy ground.

Black Bear, the chieftan, and a sacrifice...

In the city, life just continues as normal. The French nuns talking on the docks....

...and workmen are casting bullets to prepare for the English.

IJzerman and his city watch check the cannons and their muskets on the docks.

As the boats come into view, everyone scrambles to their guns...

...but it's just the Indians dropping off a few stranded travellers, mostly Jewish people coming to New Amsterdam.

Antonius visits the barber-surgeon before his big debut. He's painted a collection which he will present that evening.

The paintings are deemed 'demonic' and Antonius is thrown into jail shortly after, his paintings confiscated. The rigid attitude of Van Helvoirt (near the painting) is irritating to most, but the women of New Amsterdam are very offended by his strict judgements about their dress, and are plotting against him.

Saturday morning dawns to the shipwright's hammering to strengthen the barricades.

The English arrive... with Indians, no less! After talking to Stuyvesant, they leave again, but their attack would follow shortly.

When the first attack is repelled, the defenders cheer!

The English try another gate. When muskets have fired their only shot, in stead of reloading, the defenders switch to other means of defense.

Primitive, yet effective: the Indians have sided with the English and are attacking the city as well.

As the day progresses, the English manage to break through one of the barricades, and fighting is happening in the streets!

The pastor prays for the dead, which are numerous.

After that fist attack, the barricades are built anew, but soon the English return with reinforcements.

At the end of the Saturday, the attacks finally stop. The city still stands, and Stuyvesant is still governor!
Still, population, the French in particular, are uneasy.

French ladies poring over maps, trying to find a safe harbor to retreat to.

Around dinnertime, the English send a delegation to talk, and Stuyvesant invites them and the Indians for dinner.

Relative peace returns to New Amsterdam as Stuyvesant and the English commander come to an agreement. Still, people are making preparations to leave.

With the protestant reverend missing, the catholic priest has to prepare a service for the dead.

Sadly, there are no images from Sunday, when we held a service for all the dead: protestants, catholics and jews alike.

A lot of the characters booked passage on a ship, paying a lot of money to leave New Amsterdam. The English warships did not capture a French ship (Le Canard Bleu), and several Frenchmen smuggle the French ladies, including my own character, from the city.

Oh, and the very scary mr. Van Helvoirt? He was murdered on Saturday in the middle of the inn, while everyone was out in the streets preparing for the attack. His murderer (murderess?) was never found.

Next Puerto Diablo will be played in Port Royal, recently conquered by the French and notorious Dutch pirate Grijnzende Hein. We'll hear more about the 'demonic paintings'... in the summer of 2011!
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