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Charm 19: The Crown, the Dragon and the Seelie

Where: Scouting Mira Ceti, Nistelrode, the Netherlands
When: September 3rd-5th 2010
What: High-Fantasy larp
Who: Charm
Story: The players are traveling to the City of Shadows and on their journey they find themselves in different lands. Last time we visited the Saurians, and now they entered feline territory. The crown of the feline queen was missing, and since whomever wears the crown (and is nobility) is the king or queen... the situation was tense....

Photos by Ork de Rooij and me.

Photo by Ork de Rooij

The players and NPCs slept in tents, and the weather was very good...

On Fridaynight a couple of the players wanted to end their characters. The GMs happily obliged. They would get a fitting end, but they weren't briefed on how this would happen.

Meanwhile, the NPCs got ready for the bedouin market.

The market was a bit chaotic, and nobody quite knew why there was a ritual circle in the square. The five players who wanted to end their characters were inexplicably drawn to it....how curious!
Then suddenly a Saurian appeared in the circle and said that they had killed most of his priests when they were visiting the swamp. There would be a reckoning...


After torture, pain and a bloody mess, one by one the five players fell...nodoby could do anything, and it was mostly meant as a warning by the GMs: "Everything you do has consequences."

Offering a prayer for their souls

Powerless to stop the slaughter, many resorted to the spirits, to grant the dead a safe journey to the afterlife.


The next morning, photographer Ork (aroka) and myself grabbed some of the players who were having breakfast in their costume and took some photos. I had recently bought a more professional camera (thanks to Ork) and we needed the practice.

The players happily posed for us...

Soon enough, plot happened again. The Waterseeres Isis (with the red fur) asked some people to help her solve why there was an obstruction in the waterflow to the lake.

Isis oversees the ritual

But luckily, other players were busy with much more pressing matters:


A picknick!

Anárion returns, bound

Anárion was brought in by more bedouins to be sold as a slave... and is soon freed by Alyssis the Saurian. The bedouin doesn't survive the encounter.

Radon priestesses & the Magic Seven

The priestesses of Radon, God of Magic are questioned by the Magic Seven about magic effects. The weather is really lovely and the players break up into little groups, lounge about on the grass and involve themselves with their own little petty problems. Like how the Magic Seven are bound to a much more powerful magician and how they can break this enchantment.

Give me one good reason...

Feline politics continue. Nicolai of the Black Panthers (assassins, he's the cat to the right) confronts one of the nobles. Nicolai wants to question a skaven who's suspect of stealing the crown, but the noble stands in his way.

Anna & Diego
But Anna and Diego approach the problem from a different angle altogether (more on that later)

Suta, the Seelie

At night, Suta the Seelie comes to visit the dreams of some of the players. He is trapped at first, but thanks to their help he breaks free of his prison and starts to harass the players.
He's not a very nice Seelie.

On Sunday morning, the Magic Five finally figure out a way to regain their freedom. They cut off the fingers holding the ring that binds them to Magician Diana...

(Hey look, that's me!)

And Diana gets slaughtered after they've summoned her into a ritual circle.
Sadly for them, Diana was the only thing that stood between them and the Saurian who wants to avenge the priests...and they get slaughtered in turn.
I was busy playing a heartless bitch corpse at the time, so I don't have pictures from the Sunday.

And the crown? It is found by Diego and Anna, and Anna crowns herself as Queen of the felines, effectively retiring her character along with it.

Photo by Ork de Rooij

The late Alyssis (part of the Magic Seven), in a photo-shoot after time out. Just to show how cool Charm is, and how the players embrace the different races.

I hope you enjoyed this! More photos of this event:

Ork de Rooij's Charm 19 photos
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