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Lextalionis VIII

Game: Lextalionis VIII - Old Loves Die Hard
Where: Fort Penningsveer, Haarlemmerliede, the Netherlands
When: 13th to 15th of November 2009
What: Old World of Darkness - a fictional city in the Netherlands.
Who: Evolution Events, a small Dutch larping foundation
Story: With the mortal threat looming large over the Kindred, the safe location of an old fortress is chosen to discuss battle tactics and settle 'internal affairs'. Once the dust had settled several mortals, two Neonates and two Elders are dust, and the Camarilla of Dorestad is settling in for a protracted shadow war.

"I see dead people." - NPC fun while waiting for the players.

Pics courtesy of aroka, woran and Kim. Modified x-post from my own blog.

Out character briefing in the location's austere hall.

Prepping the 'kill-room', the room where a deranged Ventrue Diablerist plays with his human victims. Later, the players found out he is related to one of the local Ventrue, and hunting for said local and the local's Childe.

Players discover the cramped, bloodsoaked room with the bodies.

Oriana, team leader, sees that they are gonna need specialists...

... so they roll in the Giovanni, who looks like a kid in a candystore.

The first few arrivals just outside the fortress.

Brujah security talk while the Toreador ghoul looks away. "No, sir, I did not see that enormous machete!"

The Prince (in the background), having settled in the officer's quarters, is awaiting the presentation of guests.

Discussion between the Malkavians concerning one of their number who has self-inflicted stigmata. He is later destroyed, voluntarily.

"Chest, I haz it!" - Elder Gangrel are happy with anything.

Look through the window into the Prince's Audience chambers. Seen here are the Prince, her PA, two Toreador Ancillae and a Brujah Ancilla.

With several factions threatening the safety of the Masquerade, the Prince calls all to attention

The Sheriff wants YOU!

Gangrel preparing for their 'Thing' - A Gather.

Toreador Primogen de Berrier giving the 'look of Death' to her Sire... and his new Childe.

Sheriff coordinating with Clan Malkavian

... While the Prince Regent shmoozes with the Nosferatu Primogen.

Tense faces as Salimah, ghoul security expert, tries her hand at cracking the security of the hunters who are after them.

"How... cute." - Tremere vs. Toreador, interesting conversations guaranteed.

Toreador meeting

Brujah Rant. Don't forget to bring your sword...
"You want a piece of me, punk!?" - Brujah Rant heats up as Ancilla faces off to a Fledgeling.

The Ventrue discussing the rogue, diablerizing brother of Don Chico (far right) who is appearently wanting to consume the rest of his family.

... and they look actually worried at the prospect of having to take him down.

Shock and consternation as the Prince presses the sentance of Lextalionis on her own Childe, the Prince Regent Vanderport, for masterminding an assassination attempt on the Malkavian Primogen Christian Ravenstein.

Shot multiple times the Prince Regent is down, but not out.

But still dies a lonely death in a dirty driveway of a small fortress.

The Brujah are none too sad about his passing, though

Okay, WHO pissed off the Malkavian's favorite ghoul / toy?

Why say something if a disapproving stare is enough?

As the night ends both Prince van Haeften and Elder Sigurd become just Olga and Jan again, and take a moment to chill...

The Brujah and the Malkavians kicking back, too, after a looooong night.
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