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Room for Error

Game: Unity of the Alliance I - Room for Error
Where: Land van Kleef, Loon op Zand, the Netherlands
When: 27th to 29th of November 2009
What: Future Fantasy game (fantasy setting plus 3000 years of technological development)
Who: Studio Apocalypse
Story: While the two Beta Events (test events for the rules and setting) took place planetside, this time the colonists arrived at their new home, the auspiciously named trading station "Bold Venture". Thrown into the middle of what looks like a long-running dispute between the mighty industrial CEO's and the traditionalist Elves the weekend was a rush... As one of the first events managed to combine a fairly weapon-heavy setting with sci-fi and a lot of good roleplay it was well-recieved by all comers.

Units 487 and 504, the Emperor's finest

Pics courtesy of aroka & woran. For those interested, check the NPC-day pics, too, something that really shows of the mood.

Pre-game chilling, with everybody getting into costume and character.

I always get nervous when I see Bounty Hunters fiddling with their gun like that...

B.I.S.C.U.I.T., the Emperor's Administrative Department.

Some emergency Nerf Gun modding... no unpainted guns on this event, mind you!

Time-in talk, ten minutes to game-time!

The fresh arrivals get the speech as they exit the airlock proper from security chief Vance.

Welcome to Bold Venture station, wretched hive of scum and villainy.

The head of the Bureau for Planetary Engineers, looking stern.

Imperial Agents. Mess with them at your own peril.

The CEO's gather.

"Uh oh... that doesn't look good."

The hackers waste zero time getting online in their new home.

Station comes complete with working security feeds.

Downed android after a skirmish with terrorists...

... while the CEO's get comfortable in their own luxury suite.

Another android sweeps the floors. Handy.

Fully kitted out member of the station security.

As a friendly station comes under pirate assault the soldiers assemble in the courtyard for an impromptu briefing and tactical assignments to reinforce their allies.

Scavenger and engineer negociating for parts.

The doctors hard at work in an impromptu medbay (it had to be moved early in the weekend) to remove a brainbug from an Agent.

Later that evening a motivational speech preceeds the mission to remove the pirates from the neighbouring station.

Not that much is needed, as the soldiers enthousiastically pour into the area to be defended.

Though the pirates pour right back and a fierce battle commences.

The embedded reporter gets wounded early on, but bravely continues his reports.

After several waves the pirates lie dead at our feet, though the bay has been damaged by one of their explosives. A rapid evac before it decompresses fully commences.

An Elf, suspected of terrorism against the Unity, is arrested.

Engineer in safety gear.

A ship, appearently looking to dock, loses control and crashes into the station, carrying monstrous prisoners. A battle insues.

And while the civilians duck and cover...

... the security takes care of business

"Is it safe?"

"Not quite yet!"

As the last intruder has fallen it is clear that one of the members of ship security is grievously wounded.

The next morning an important visitor comes to formally open the station, and the crowd gathers to listen to his adress.

Opening speech...

... which is the moment the long-planned assassination attempt hits home.

Security taking care of the six assassins, one of which is toting a granade.

Despite the ministrations of the medical staff, the CEO dies on the table.

With a dead CEO in the freezer, and his murderers either dead or in custody, the civilians are filled in on the situation. Welcome to Bold Venture, indeed..
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