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World Involved LARP Project

Dear Larpers of the world. There comes a time when our fun hobby suddenly finds itself in a new environment where no one has heard of it before. Or if they have, they have associated it with re-enactment or other stereotypical (and less than flattering) media portrayals. Sometimes this environments is a small island somewhere along the equator, and sometimes it's a much larger island covered in sand and filled with Drop Bears.
Australia is such an island. And though they do indeed have LARPs in the eastern states, they are not very large and have not reached those in other cities to the north, south and west.
We are members of such a western city, the capitol of Western Australia. Perth. The city that many say is too isolated and the population is too spread out for true larp to occur. We disagree. Borders do not control how larp comes about, nor do those who truly love the hobby feel the need to complain about distance and means when the game provides them with entertainment they also receive when they fly over for conventions and festivals. We can remain negative and cynical forever, but we won't. Instead we are bringing LARP here to Perth, and bringing a true Organisation into being that will help make the hobby grow on its own, with a self sustainable and extremely helpful system of acquiring equipment and developing ideas from where there used to be none.
We did larp ourselves in various other countries for, added together, quite some years and are eager for this to work. For this, we need your help.

Be aware that this will reveal your face to an open populace so if knowing you will be shown on the internet and at Conventions makes you feel uncomfortable and it invades your privacy, you do not have to go through with it. But please do pass the word along as anyone can be a part of it. Just follow the instructions below and fill out what names (both In Character and Out of Character) you wish to reveal to the public. Do know also that once this is in our hands, we will be sure to respect each person's portrayal of themselves with professionalism...this is to become a public presentation of LARP Around the World and we will hope this will open a lot of eyes.

OC Name:
IC Name:
Gender: (just for us, we're doing a tally for our presentations)
Location: (general, we don't need to know your addresses and phone numbers)

Step 1: With either a videocam or webcam, make a maximum 30 seconds long mini presentation and summery of who you are in the real world and what you do for a living.
Step 2: For another 30 seconds, either show off your costume or fully play out your favourite/only character for the camera. You could also take a camera along to an event and film a bit there, but remember that any live action footage such as this can only be included if it's under a minute long (and we won't use all of it in the presentation, editing will occur).
Step 3: Place all sets of raw footage, unedited, into an email and send it to this address ( with any questions and notes you wish to include. We will get back to you with confirmation and answers as quickly as possible.
Step 4: IMPORTANT!!! Do this all before March 22nd or it will NOT be included in the final project.
Step 5: Have fun with it. There's no need to be serious and there's no need to be immature in the bad sense of the yourselves and you will see the finished product by the beginning of April.

We really do hope you can be a part of this rather intense undertaking and see the possibilities that we can as the project unfolds.
We wish you all the best.

Sara Hjalmarsson - Professional makeup artist and larper of 8 years. From Sweden
Mel Martens - Amature filmographer and larper of 4 years. Australian born, Netherlands for 6 years.

(PS: We are also doing panels at this year's Swan Con on the subject and will be presenting mini films and doing workshops to help people learn what larp is and how they can become truly involved. A website will be up soon to document and record the process up to this Con and beyond into what we hope is to become a permanent settling of larp as a true Organisation in this country. This video project is not designed to remain within our borders but we hope it spreads out. If we get more videos in the future, we will put them up on the website in clumps of edited mini films and it will become apparent the world of larping really is not that small)
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