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Lextalionis IX

Game: Lextalionis IX - The Queen's Gambit
Where: De Vrije Vogel, Elsloo, the Netherlands
When: 12th to 14th of February 2010
What: Old World of Darkness - a fictional city in the Netherlands.
Who: Evolution Events, a small Dutch larping foundation
Story: With the hunters an increasing threat, the vacant partycenter left by a Kindred that has dissapeared functions as Elysium cum Commandcenter for the counteroffensive. But especially the younger Kindred find out that it is not the hunters that are their biggest problem, but their own elders.

Nimrod of Clan Malkavian. Security.

Big thanks to our two photographers, Kim and Ork. X-posted from my own blog.

The first night - 12th of November 1999 - The Gathering Storm

Tremere Vivian Beatrice Naville with her Ghoul, Nigel.

"Welcome to Elysium, Mr. Ten Cate."

The Keeper and the youngest Ravenstein appear to hit it off.

The alternative bunch.

The Elysium fills up nicely.

The Prince's private chamber

The Prince calls the floor to attention

From intercepted webtraffic and an increase in forum activity it is clear that the hunters are up to something...

... though the Kindred are still happily mingling.

The Giovanni Lucia patiently observing. Can't be a good sign.

As the night draws on it is clear that greater things are afoot

The Prince, still a devout Catholic, reads to find strength in the scripture.

In order to solve a murder / suicide of a 'person of interest' the Toreador Primogen Jasmijn Rozendoorn first tries to find supernatural tampering before ordering her Ghoul to find out what is on it.

It turns out to be an audition tape where various actresses try out for the lead part of the play featuring vampires, thus being a potential Masquarade Breech.

After capturing various hunters what was a routing questioning turns into a bloodbath as a Nosferatu looses his temper and uses a grenade as a torture device.

Most Kindred have to be scraped off the floor after the mishap, not to mention several impending frenzies with the main force consisting primarily of Brujah.

Only a single hunter has survives the encounter, out of five captured, and she dies a short while later.

The Council is not... pleased, having expended significant resources and sacrificed several havens to capture a few hunters alive.

And the responsible Nosferatu is detained and publically several punished for the nights events, barred from carrying weapons and made inferior to even Ghouls.

The failed hunter-interrogation claims a final victim: the mortal sister of the Ghoul who betrayed the hunters is kidnapped and only leaves behind a disturbing phonecall and a video showing her treatment at the hands of the hunters. His Domitor tries to keep his sanity together...

"Who needs plot? We have granades!"

The second night - 11th of December 1999 - Descent into Darkness

The second night starts with a party - with New York taken from the Sabbat and their Regent Galbraith destroyed the Camarilla parties like it's 1999...

... and that means dancing!

Not only a Toreador sport, it seems.

The Brujah show how it is done.

Toreador Primogen and her Childe

Black-and-white of Maria Ravenstein.

Intrigue on the dancefloor

Then the Sheriff and his Gangrel buddy take the floor, in a tango that is positively sizzling.

Sparks fly.

As the applause rings through the hall, the Sheriff nearly frenzies, appearently torn between loyalties.

Gossiping, the sport of Queens.

"Really?" - "Yes, really!"

After not one but two Brujah (near) frenzies nearly prematurely end the party the various Clans retreat to private discussions, such as the Setites who slither back to their corner.

And the Brujah, laughing but in a defensable corner.

Willem Uys, definatively the tallest Ventrue, gets told off by the Baroness van Hemmen and Don Chico.

After the tension, some frivolity resumes with dancing, but it is mostly a cover for younglings gathering, for they have been called.

A room with pictures of most present Kindred of Ghouls - in their children years! - has been found in an old hotel, with a message "Redemption is not impossible".

Though it seems a breach, it turns out to be a hunter, who seemingly wants the best for the Kindred. Curious.

And while the younglings debate their plans the Elders gather and plan their own little party.

Opposed to the wall with the old pictures of the Kindred are newspaper articles and pictures of themselves and a few of the hundreds of people who are dead, insane or worse due to the Kindred's actions. The message is simple: "Is this what you have become?"

Most of them are clearly shocked by the revelation.

Meanwhile the Elders prepare their Ghouls for what is to come...

... and watch impassively as what needs to be done is done.

"Yes, I would like two dozen wooden stakes... No, no reason..."

The Fledgelings return to an empty Elysium, except for one of their own dominated to write the same text over and over again. Tracking their cellphones (admittedly the Elder's achillesheel) they happen upon a warehouse that includes various of their friends, allready staked. Incensed, they follow the Elders to their bolthole: the Prince's mansion.

There they find, patiently waiting, the seven Elders who masterminded it all: Steve Martel of the Tremere, Sigurd of the Gangrel, Prince Laurentia van Haeften and Roland Ten Cate of the Ventrue, Jasmijn Rozendoorn of the Toreador, Christian Ravenstein of the Malkavians and Emilia of the Ravnos.

They stream forward demanding an explanation as the Prince rises to meet them.

View rom the other side.

Anger clearly rises and a fight looks imminent.

Until Tom the Sheriff switches sides, revealing that he'd been working to get the younger ones here all along.

At a pre-arranged signal the Elders and their Ghouls strike, armed with plenty of stakes.

They down the Fledgelings hard and fast.

Tom, despite his betrayel, quietly mourns.

"All targets immobilized and accounted for, ma'm!"

The relief is visible on the Ghouls face, while the Elders just look grim. Time out!
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