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Charm XVIII: Only the sun rises for free...

What: Charm XVIII, a fantasy larp event in the Netherlands
When: April 15-17, 2010
Where: De Kievit in Esbeek, NL. A loved location for many larps. We've seen it featured here for Exodus as well. The location has a very IC inn, an indoor fireplace room, and big stretches of grass outside.
Who: Charm website

Plot summary: The players, a rag-tag band of humans, elves, beastlings and even a dwarf, are underway to the Bloodelve's home town: the City of Shadows. Their road is still long, and leads through the swamps of Meya-Tula, home to saurians. During their stay in the swamp they get immersed into swamp and saurian culture alike.

Za'nai'nis (rapture pose)
sna as Za'nai'nis, worshiping the sun.

For years the saurians have known a sub-cultus who worship the sun (X'un). Their cult is led by the Axis, a saurian born exactly on si (noon) during the longest day. The Axis is young, and is being influenced by her grand vizier high priest Xi'to.

On Fridaynight the Axis announces there will be an offering to X'un the following day to avert the pending eclipse, and invites everyone to be there to honour X'un.
The next morning, Drek and Sladder show the players how to worship X'un...
Preparing for si'prayer

Wahoo wahee wahoo haha, wahoo wahee wahoo haha...

The Axis, performing si'prayer

The axis performs the rite of si'prayer (noon prayer)

Observing si'prayer

The crowd watches her during this strange rite. Some join in the chant as a giant toad is ritually sacrificed for X'un.

The sacrificial toad

The sacrificial toad is brought forward and its throat slit (or however that works with amphibians). The blood is caught in a vessel, the Axis drinks, and promptly faints. The saurians freak out,

Za'nai'nis (hunting pose)

Xi'to and Za'nai'nis the hunting master order the players to hunt and capture an even larger beast to please X'un, for the pending doom of the eclipse must be avoided.


Healers prepare their bandages...

Diego and Bram

...pirates Diego and Bram have plans of their own and are up to no good...

Azaz doing Alchemy

...Azaz the half-faun prepares his potions.

Rite for the Gods of the Day

A prayer for the Gods of the Day is held as well. From left to right:
Kahndor the dwarf, Kilian the human, Anna the feline, Anarion and Surewen the sun-elves, and Mirthe the human.

Aside from the main plot, players were also very busy with other things. Lounging in the sun ranked high (it was lovely weather!) but petty rituals and quests and bad guys happen, so here's some pictures of that too.

Fergus, Lang and Rosalie

Lang's life sand had ran out during a quest, and the Magic Five helped the Timesavers to distribute their pooled sand among themselves. Lang takes some of their sand for his own. Downside to the ritual is that if one of them dies, all of them will now die. The rituals of the Magic Five have not yet worked in a positive way...

Xi'to and As'uac

Xi'to (left) continues plotting against the Axis, and is the victim of several murder attempts. Finally, on Saturday night, Diego and Bram succeed in pushing him down the temple stairs and claiming his neck was broken 'in the fall'.

Fire elemental

Fire and water elementals roam about. The fire elemental lit up in the dark, which was awesome.

Negotiations with the tribe

A tribe of desert people coming to trade had been attacked, and they declare war on the players. On Sunday, they meet in a big clash, where two healers become hostages. Anarion and the faun try to negotiate...

Alyssis and her prey

...and when hostilities continue, Alyssis of the Magic Five captures herself some 'prey'.

The Axis performs si'prayer

During the Sunday si'prayer, the Axis commits ritual suicide to avert the eclipse, and the Magic Five perform a ritual that nearly explodes. It worked, because the sun returns. But what worked? And how?
The players are no longer welcome in the swamp and are told in no uncertain tones to leave. They travel on, towards the city of Shadows, curious of what the next stretch of road will bring them....

What I love about Charm is that the story continues throughout the setting. Last time we were on the Elven islands, and now we continue through the world, the scenery changing substantially every event. This time we were in Saurian territory, next time it might be the felines or the skaven. The props and costumes, of both monsters and players, are awesome and make for challenging photos.

I certainly loved taking all these pictures, and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the set on my Flickr account.
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