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Dead Fox Junction

Game: Dead Fox Junction
Where: Melody Ranch, Den Ham, the Netherlands
When: 20th to 22nd of August 2010
What: A sleep town in the American Wild West
Who: Evolution Events, a small Dutch larping foundation
Story: When we found the location, built by a Western fan, we just had to have a larp there, and the one-shot Dead Fox Junction was born. Very few rules, a great location, a lot of prepwork and wonderful set decoration by players was all that was needed to have a weekend of Wild West fun in the Dutch rural heartland. There were only a few in-character photos, most being taken after the event. Nobody wanted to ruin the great mood with a camera. Crosspost from my own blog.

Pics courtesy of aroka, woran, EE's own gallery and Jan Entjes, owner of the Melody Ranch.

This is not what it looks like. He can explain.

A few of the ladies of Dead Fox Junction. I found it great to see their status and professions reflected in their clothingstyles.

Ashley 'Ash' McParland, Deputy.

Gerard Oudebergen, former miner, now the mayor of Dead Fox Junction.

Thijs Brandtz, former officer in the Confederate army and now retired as a banker to Dead Fox Junction.

Jacob, the barber.

Thijs Van Oldeveldt, the local brewer.

Willem Mandemaeker and his estranged daughter Isabel.

Peter and Ben Smith, local barhelp and entrepeneurs.

Reverend David Poort and his wife, Tirza.

Barend Vlek, the local seller of potions.

Sister Sophia, nurse and confidante to pretty much half the village.

Laura van Oldeveldt, former hooker, now the sweetheart of Deputy McParland.

A little Romance blooms between Troy West, the undertaker, and Josefien van der Molen, the baker.

And even the stiff Mr. Brandtz finds love and comfort in the arms of Betty Tadema, the school teacher.

A rare in-character shot. The view from the saloon porch to the log cabin on the other side of the grounds.

The graveyard, well kept by Troy West.

Lots of discussions in the village of Dead Fox Junction.

Tense faces during the trial of Berend Varkenspoot, the butcher. During his drunken brawling he accidentally fired a gun which hit the Reverend in the leg.

Emma, owner of the saloon, and Sarah, the hooker, watch the proceedings as the men vote for mayor.

The election for mayor. Only men can vote, of course...

The group picture. Because it was Sunday after time out it does not feature all the players but it sketches a good picture of the mood and the attention to detail that many players put in their characters.

Of course, there is also time for a little fun...

Hats, we haz 'em.


Nuns and guns. What else do we really need?
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I'm still loving these pictures. aroka did a wonderful job!
Shame its just a One-shot. God it was fun!
These pictures are great! It looks like it was a blast. I especially like the fun shots at the end.
Great pictures. What happened during the game?
A murder, accidental shooting of the Reverend, women demanding voting rights, a court of law and a LOT of character interactions.
Don't forget the religious trouble between the Catholics, Protestants and the one Jew... ;-)
And that frickin Mormon, don't forget the nun beater! Kicked his hiney like a good Catholic Boy should. This is for the other Cheek...POW!
Very cool setting and costumes. It looks like great fun.
Haha, by the end of the weekend I was probably the confidante of the whole village, minus three :)
Fantastic! Much respect.