Sir Argus of the Big Yap (saotby) wrote in larpix,
Sir Argus of the Big Yap

awesome picture collection

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I've had to opportunity to fight with and against several characters on those pictures, and they only get better up close. That's what a few years of maturity, disposable income and unbridled creativity does...

What I really love is that not only single characters look great, but groups also collectively pull a lot of resources to look good, with serred rank upon rank of High Elf Citizen Levy, a Roman Regiment or a full Warband of Chaos looking like the 'real' thing.
I am not on Facebook, and have no intention to be, so I can't see any of these pictures. Too bad!
gallery is open to the public...facebook user or not
I still get a page telling me I need to be logged in to view 'this page'.
As do I.
fixed..thanks for letting me know about the problem
Those orcs I faced onces as my Arabic Warrior on Drachenfest...Hell, that was a experience! Took down a view though, before makin my arse scarce cause of an outnumbered situation.
Thanks, some of those are pretty cool :).