Racaille (racaille) wrote in larpix,

Anybody want to inherit this community?

Dear all,

It's been a fun ride but I'm basically not on LJ anymore and have other interests that prevent me from doing this community justice. Anyone want to take over ownership of this?

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Posting frequency is pretty light, so I don't see why I couldn't handle it. If no one else volunteers, I'm game.
I'd be happy to help out, in case you need another moderator.
Another willing & able-bodied member here. Although I'd feel more of an obligation to take more pics and post more and promote it if I was running the comm :) lol.

Definitely don't want to it to die (too many awesome pictures that do get posted), and definitely don't want it to go without a mod. Plus, I'm on LJ everyday, anyways!


January 24 2012, 21:57:49 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  January 24 2012, 21:58:01 UTC

Done,the three of you are moderators & maintainers, and congrats to lehulei as the new owner!
Thanks for not letting this community die!