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LARPix is a community for sharing pictures of Live Action Roleplaying Games. To keep the community fun and focused, please follow these posting rules:

-Post one (1) picture before your LJ cut. This will spare everyone's Friends lists while at the same time give people an idea of what your LARP looked like. After the cut, feel free to add more or link to other sites where the pictures are stored. So choose your one visible pic wisely!

-LARP videos are fine too, and should follow the same rules as photos. As videos are usually available some time after photos due to editing, you are allowed to post a second time about the same event.

-Specify the What, When, Where, Who etc of your game. Location should include country, even for Americans: you'd be amazed by the number of people in the world who have no idea what MS or TN means. A short plot summary would be great too.

-Any LARP goes. Whether it's vampire, medieval, cyberpunk or victorian, all LARPs are welcome

-No film, stage theater, RenFaire, historical re-enactment or cosplay pics. These very interesting media provide amazing costuming examples, but they are not LARP. LARP costumes, sets, props and FX are usually done on a budget, with time and practicality constraints that other media don't have.

-Pics may or may not be work-safe. No, porn doesn't qualify as LARP. For simplicity's sake, if it's showing genitals, it's porn.

-Go easy on the photoshop. It's OK if your Star Wars LARP didn't have real lightsabers. Whether you used fun noodles or neon tubes we'd be happy to see how it looked *for real*. We're not interested in how well you can doctor an image. So feel free to sharpen, color balance etc, but please do not add FX.

-A bunch of guys in their living rooms wearing jeans and T-shirts carrying index cards may not be the most exciting picture. Even if the scene was awesome and turned the plot around, we were not here to see it, so try to post something visually interesting.

-Sewing questions, how-tos, and other technical questions should be kept in the comments near the relevant pictures.

-This is a non-commercial community. If you sell or rent costumes, props or locations, *first* post a LARP pic displaying your product *being used in a LARP* and then advertise. Do not spam.